Chronicles of the

Children of Destiny

 ‘Judgement Day’


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

© 6176sc



Chapter One


6019 SC


Daniel Rothchild, upon his 70th birthday, was confessed to look only about 50 by his wife Jessica, similar to the age he proclaimed of her.  The two of them now had a few wrinkles proclaiming their age, but their general wellbeing, considering how healthy their lifestyle had been, had always made people assume they were much younger then they actually were.  And Daniel still had yet to gain a grey hair, which almost scared Jessica in its freakiness.


That year Daniel, with Jessica, and his brother David and the wife David finally married, Justine, visited Israel on a one year sabbatical.  David and Justine were both 38, but youthfulness ran with them as well, looking barely 25 both of them.


In Israel, in the kibbutz the two couples had joined, David gradually built up a number of close friendships.  After only 3 months, when the elder of the kibbutz died, people unanimously asked David if he would like to take over and run the kibbutz, so popular had he become.  David, while he had not really noticed himself, was incredibly friendly and loving, so strict had he been on himself in his Torah lecturing towards himself – and as a result, so many others looked to him as a personification of a real gentleman, a man of holiness, and one who could be implicitly trusted and deemed trustworthy.  And they were not mistaken in this trust either.


Justine, through the ongoing discussions with David, had gravitated towards the Jewish perspective on God, but retained her Christian faith in many ways.  She kept kosher, attended synagogue on Sabbath with David, and kept the feast laws very closely.  But her heart remained loyal and true to her church, and as time passed in their marriage, David growing used to the many Christian conversations centred around the Baptist church, he stopped objecting to her faith.  He accepted it.  He’d had, in truth, one problem with Christianity – the deification of Jesus as equal with God.  Yet Justine had spoken to him carefully stating she no longer believed Jesus was God – not in the same way Yahweh the Father was.  She believed him divine, in a sense, the pre-existing word of God.  But she had come to the Unitarian perspective on Christianity which David was familiar with.  And thus, in a spirit of charity, David accepted her faith and did not object to her teaching it to their children, the first of which was to be born soon.


For David, Justine was satisfactorily Jewish enough in faith and practice – she accepted the Torah as God’s word and followed its commands – and the Christian faith she clung to was not contradictory to Torah in the way Justine applied her Christian faith.  He thus accepted her, and found that other modern Jewish thinkers in the kibbutz, those of religious persuasion, found the liberal spirit which had come upon the children of Israel in recent centuries sufficient to likewise accept Justine and her Jesus, a figure that, in truth, they were just as familiar with as Christians.


They’d all heard the gospel – many times many of them.  They were not Christian, they were Jewish, but it had become such a part of the planets culture, in a way they could not escape, that so many now simply called Jesus Christ for politeness sake.


But not all.  By no means all.  When Justine visited Jerusalem one day, reading through the papers they didn’t get at their secluded Kibbutz, she saw firsthand how many of the Orthodox community disdained strongly the Christian presence in their homeland.  They had not forgotten the centuries of persecution and discrimination they had suffered in Europe and even America at the hands of the Christian church.  They had not forgotten and, now they were on their own turf again, were dedicated to ridding Israel of the scourge of Christianity.  As such, for many years tensions had been high and Jerusalem had remained a cup of trembling for the nations.


Justine understood this.  She had understood, through many conversation with her husband, the Jewish faith and the Jewish fears.  And she regretted how the church, for so long, had rejected and despised God’s son Israel, and felt a degree of shame.


Later on that day, in a Christian library, were she had gone to meet a Christian friend who had visited the synagogue once, she spoke briefly of the suffering Israel had gone through.  And then her friend had showed her Isaiah, the passage of the suffering servant, and the many passages which called Israel the servant.  And then she had read, again, Isaiah 53 and knowing who the servant was, and who had rejected the servant, she knew God was speaking to her heart.  They, the church, had rejected Israel.  They had rejected them and despised them for so long.  And her friend carefully went through the scriptures with her, and showed her carefully that the way Christianity made the passage read to Jesus, that the context did not justify their interpretation.  And, slowly, verse after verse, he showed how Israel was the one who had been rejected, and not Jesus, and that the idea within Isaiah 53 that it was a messianic prophecy was untrue.  And then she had asked him why, him being a Christian, he would say such things.  And he had replied that he was no longer of Christian faith.  ‘I am a Noahide, now, Justine.  Christianity is finished with me.’


Later on Justine prayed to God and, finally, after so many months of refusing to do what David had occasionally asked of her, she asked Yahweh for the truth about Jesus and Christian faith.  And the spirit pointed her to a passage, and she read it.  ‘I am the LORD, that is my name, and my glory I will not give to another.’ And then she understood.


*   *   *   *   *

6020 SC

Daniel Rothchild sat with David.

'2020, the Temple starts,' said David. 'After a few issues with the Muslims, things get going, and exciting times come in. And it's a Judgment Day that year.'

'Definitely a Judgment Day,' replied Daniel.

'2033 there is another Judgment Day. A number of Christians reconcile with Israel and acknowledge Jesus does not appear to be the Christ. They are much like Aime Palliere, and tend to stay in the Church and follow Jesus of Nazareth the Gospel Teacher. But his deity is severely questioned as well as his Christhood,' said David.

'Some of them got over it,' replied Daniel. 'Again, another Judgment Day. 2000 years had come and gone, and Jesus was supposed to be back according to Malarchi's prophecy. It seemed that Christian claims on the return of Jesus might be false. Especially as the third temple neared completion.'

'Which finished up on 2037 and the Samaritans were celebrated. Yet Karaism and Orthodox never really changed their stripes, but just ran with the flow of things,' said David.

'As it is to this day,' replied Daniel.

'Yet no redeemer has yet arisen,' said David. 'And that is SUPPOSED to happen, isn't it Daniel?'

'Quite possibly so,' said Daniel, eying David.

'So on we go,' said David Rothchild.

'On we go,' replied Daniel.

David looked at Daniel. 'What year where you born?'

'Well, that depends on what you believe,' replied Daniel. 'And who my father really is.'

'It's old Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly from Bredbo,' replied David. 'I'm pretty sure of that. You weren't actually born till about 2020, as far as I can tell,' said David.

'The records of the early Chronicles are all over the place,' said Daniel. 'They are only written in types and shadows. Father won't have anything solidified till about 7000 SC. By then contrary records and dates are lining up with more historical accuracy in his plans. The daft sod had to restart the official calendar entirely once, because there isn't a damn year zero in the christian calendar or the common era calendar. He's left early records confusing, and insists we confuse all the information on us three all together and tell each other's stories so its all a jumble. Privacy reasons. Old mother Mary is very private and doesn't want firm details revealed. I mean there is a fair bit of questionable history in the early Chronicles, especially about pre-existing angelic realms and so on. A lot of that was worked in. I don't know the details, but Morning Stars was more creation of history redactively than actual history. Supposed revelations old Daniel says. I think he was having a lot of fun.'

'Diabolical old devil,' said David.

'My sentiments exactly,' replied Daniel san. 'But the Prophesy of Job created Morning Stars, and whatever and whenever pre-existing realms began, we don't know for sure. In the beginning it is quite likely the Morning Stars sang together and the Sons of God shouted for Joy, and I know many of the Morning Stars are in ancient records like Enoch and other Pseudepigraphal books, and may have been created because of such books, or may have indeed been known to humanity. It is difficult to say for sure. I don't know what hand God had in the writings of Morning Stars, yet old Dan says he served God and prayed for his will, and who is to say what things in heaven and earth are true in the philosophy of old Job Horatio Uz Morningstar.'

'Indeed,' replied David. 'But that's another story.'

'And I need a shit,' said Daniel.

'Charming,' replied David, and got on with his work for the day.

* * * * *


6024 SC


When Daniel Rothchild, David and Justine’s fifth and final child was born, being named after David’s older brother, Justine had just turned 43, and soon her main childbearing life cycle came to an end, and no more children would come forth.  They lived, now, in Jerusalem in 2054 AD.  David had, gradually, become more and more influential within the Jerusalem community.  He was now on the Jerusalem council, having been elected the year before, and it was felt he was destined for Israel’s main parliamentary Assembly.  Four years later, at 47, this came to pass with David elected into the Knesset as a member of the Likud party.  Yosef Netanyahu, the former prime-ministers grandson, worked closely with David to form a co-alition of power with two other parties, with Yosef being elected Prime-Minister.  Yosef had very strong ties to the ancient ‘Taheb’, who had just turned 114, the iconographic religious leader from the Samaritan community who had become popular on a worldwide stage.  David, likewise, knew the Taheb personally, and the essential ideal of ‘Torah alone’ as Israel’s spiritual constitution had been born again, as it were, within the heart of the Israelite people.  Today, at 2054 AD, or 6024 SC by the Taheb’s Calendar, Israel as a nation was alive to God and Torah again, with the third temple having been completed after the terrorist destruction of the Islamic ‘Dome of the Rock’ in 2030 AD, or 6000 SC, by an unknown group, yet everyone suspecting a fundemantalist ultra-orthodox group called ‘Shema’ who had never publicly denied the accusation.


Mecca had been slowly and carefully considering their response.  Jihad had been proposed – a universal Islamic Jihad to, finally, destroy Israel forever.  Yet they were reluctant, even many speaking of the Third Temple as a place of God’s holiness and that Israel, to gain the temple, must have repented as a people.  In the end they had relented and declared the Third Temple an important icon for Jews and Judaism, a witness by Allah for Israel to repent of its sins and praise the most high.  Many Imam’s further declared that, with the building of the temple, Judgement Day was approaching, and that God was preparing all the people of the book for the final days.


In truth, Mecca, despite centuries of hostility, saw a truth in Israel.  In the war which was coming, in the war which so many Imam’s saw to be with the new emerging One World Government Beast Empire, which had begun uniting Australia, America and Europe in a free trade commonwealth (one in which 2060 was aimed for the free movement by the dissolving of national boundaries to allow people within these territories to live wherever they pleased, essentially meaning one western nation, officially being declared the goal of the new commonwealth), Mecca and the Middle East feared that, finally, the end of days was coming and that the final beast for God’s children to fight was about to arise.


David saw this too.  He saw it clearly – more clearly than he had seen anything else in his entire life.  He thought on Jesus and, perhaps, what that Jew had been used by God to accomplish.  To conquer the hearts and minds of the Caucasians – the Europeans – so that on the final day they would relent and accept the authority of God’s chosen people.


And, knowing how English had become the language of this people, the language he once spoke praisingly of, David feared them more than he had ever feared them.  In Israel he had changed.  In Israel, he felt, he had come to see the power of the west for what it truly was.  In the words of the Imams’, America was the Great Satan, corrupting all mankind.  And the new western alliance, one in which Russia was soon to join, would inevitably rule the world.  Of that David had complete certainty.


They had the power bases, the technology, and the land.  4 continents – North and South America, Australia and Europe, were in the sway of the Western Alliance and if Russia joined as well, which was predicted, they would have half of Asia as well.  Only the Middle East and Africa, and the small community in Antarctica, was separate to the beast – the final beast of Daniel chapter 7 which David was convinced would one day step in to rule Israel.  Yet David knew, knowing the outcome of that chapter, that the holy people would come through and gain rulership over all mankind.  That the Kingdom of Israel would, ultimately, conquer all.  Of that he had no doubts.


*   *   *   *   *

6030 – 6126 SC

(2060 – 2156 AD)


On January 1 2060 the Western Alliance officially allowed free movement of all citizens within its boundaries, consisting of Australia & New Zealand, North and South America, Europe and other various minor affiliates.  This year was the culminating year of the first beast of Daniel – the Lion, whose wings had been plucked at the American Revolution, and made to stand like a man.  The goal of the Seraphim Sariel, who watched over the emergence of Britain into the world power it had become, had by and large been met by 2060 when, with free movement throughout the Western Alliance had been established, and English, his language, had become the dominant official language of the Alliance, with Spanish spoken as the secondary language.


2060 was the peak year of the first beast’s triumph.


David Rothchild watched on from his haven of Israel anxiously.  Not only him, but Nathan James Hitler, in Germany, who had studied the emergence of the beasts of Daniel chapter 7, also looked on at the new world empire which had begun to unfold.


To Nathan, it now seemed so clear as to what would happen next.  The final beast, the fourth beast, would unite all 3 prior beasts through conquering them.  That would be the final one world government.


The Second Beast to emerge, which for so long he had thought was the Russian Bear, he now saw as becoming the next major world power.  Already discussions had been taking place between the Western Alliance and Russia, and the Western Alliance had offered Russia the seat of Governance on the proviso of joining the new Alliance.


Officially, discussions began on the last day of January 2060.  The advantages were obvious.  Russia, for its benefit, would join a community which was similar to it in many ethnic ways, and aligned to one of the main powers of the Alliance, Europe, in close geographical proximity.  When the EU had originally joined the Western Alliance, Russia had closed off its connections with the EU, fearing what may be coming.  So with the new offer, they felt they had much to gain.  The Western Alliance itself felt that, as Russia was the largest country geographically in the world, the sacrifice of seat of governance was a small price to pay for the new land access it would gain.


And so, officially ratified on the first of January 2070, which was the year 6040 SC officially in Israel, the calendar having been changed in honour of the Taheb’s passing, Russia became the seat of governance, from Moscow, of the main world superpower, the Western Alliance.


David observed quickly a new reality.  The Western Alliance, now, was Japheth’s children, the son of Noah.  The other three world powers were Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Shem and Ham’s children, the other sons of Noah.  Jewish tradition held that Africa and Asia were largely Hamitic nations, and that the middle east was mainly of Shem’s line.


Nathan observed, as time passed, the gradual unifying of, first Africa, and second Asia, in response to the Western Alliance.  After the Western Alliance had claimed Russia, it had rested.  Sariel had decided that enough was enough.  They were unified now, had enough territory, were rich, and would be no further blessed by having strong associations with either Africa or Asia, and of course the Middle East, as it had always been, was too much trouble to bother with.


Yet the Bear was restless and, seeking to show itself a power, went out on political conquest.  The bear had consumed much flesh before.  It had made a billion Chinese communists.  And now, calling in its old ties, Russia sought diplomacy with Asia, calling itself an established Asian nation, and, as such, in 2090 the tentatively formed Asian Union joined the Western Alliance, having succumbed to pressures and the opportunities spoken of by Moscow.  And then Russia – the Bear – again consumed much flesh, as the second beast was prophesied to do as such – and conquered the remainder of Asia politically, establishing the new Eastern/Western Alliance – the main world power.


By this time, David had begun noticing he was no longer aging, alongside his wife, and a number of other close friends and compatriots.  In Germany Nathan James Hitler also noticed, which he had initially put down to advances in medicine, but since left such an idea, that he too was not aging.  In England James Castleton noted such a reality as well, as did Callodyn Bradlock and his growing entourage in New Zealand.


Jane Talbourne, in Wales, was not the first to figure who the leopard – the third beast – would be.  Perhaps it was obvious – the leopard was an African beast and long had been.  But as the African Congress gradually accumulated the nations of Africa, apart from the northern most states which remained within the Arabian League of Muslim nations, at 2100 Africa was officially one free trade zone, with nations allowing free movement, as had been done with the Western Alliance.


Sariel, who was the main power behind the first beast, the founder of the Western Alliance, was no longer the power he had been, having given over technical authority to the Seraphim Radrukiel, as Russia was officially the head of the Eastern/Western Alliance.  But Radrukiel knew, as God spoke to him as such, that Mtoko Jones, head of the African Congress of Nations, would become the next world power.  And when the Eastern/Western Alliance officially offered Africa the seat of governance if they came into the Alliance, which they duly accepted on the 1st of April 2156, the world was practically one.


The Leopard emerged, with 4 heads of Authority – Africa, Eurasia, The Americas and Australia.  All that remained, then, was the Arabian League of Muslim Nations of the Middle East and one tiny little despot amongst them – Israel.


Chapter Two


6130 SC

(2160 AD)


David, sitting with his older brother Daniel, finally conceded the point.  For years now he had been studying the prophecies of scripture, and his older brother had finally made a conclusion regarding the identities of the beasts of Daniel chapter 2 and Daniel chapter 7.  And his identifications were difficult for David to receive.  Firstly, each chapter spoke of a ‘Kingdom’ being established – ones which would last forever without ceasing.  Yet, for Daniel, these prophecies spoke of not ‘ONE’ kingdom, as had long been assumed by most, but ‘TWO’ separate kingdoms.  While Daniel had long conceded that the prophecy of the four beasts of chapter 7 was a ‘latter day’ prophecy, he had now concluded that the prophecy of chapter 2, which clearly identified ‘Babylon’ as the head of Gold, naturally concluded with the establishment of the ‘Kingdom which filled the whole earth as a mountain’ being the Kingdom of Jesus of Nazareth.  Daniel explained to David that Israel simply did not fit the best description for key points within the chapter.  Firstly, the Kingdom of Daniel 2 HAD to be established in the times of those early kings.  At 30AD when the church began formulating, such a timeframe had been met.  The problem with trying to identify this as ‘Israel’ was that Israel, at 70 AD went into exile until 1948, and where not seated on the Kingdom, which meant the prophecy could only have failed if the identity of the Kingdom of Daniel chapter 2 was Israel.  They argued for months, and David went over the chapter many times before, finally, acknowledging Daniel’s point.  From then on, though, Daniel maintained that Jesus was the King of a Kingdom, but that did not necessarily authorize everything written in the New Testament.  He maintained that Israel had been kept separate from the Kingdom of Jesus for the latter day purpose of establishing their own Kingdom – this kingdom to be the Kingdom talked of in Daniel chapter 7.  Daniel, while for a long time believing this chapter to speak of Jesus and the church as well, had finally acknowledged that Christendom had NOT kept the Law of the Old Testament or the Sacred seasons since 70AD, and thus as Daniel 7:25 clearly maintained, only the people of Israel who still kept the Torah on the whole could satisfactorily fulfill this prophecy.  The ability for this prophecy to come to pass began in 1948 when Israel reclaimed the land of Israel.  Yet, before the ‘Kingdom’ of which the Jewish Messiah would reign from could be established, the fourth beast would necessarily have to invade Israel to establish its own dominion – in truth the saints of Israel would be delivered over to the beast for a ‘Time, Times & Half a Time’ – or three and a half years.


They argued detail for a while and eventually agreed on the conclusion.  Jesus Kingdom, represented by the church, would last forever.  Daniel chapter 2 made that apparent.  Yet the Kingdom of Israel would reign supreme, and the Kingdom of Jesus would naturally accept the authority of Israel when Israel came into its own glory, as chapter 7 maintained.


And when he had concluded on this idea, David felt he now understood what Christianity had been about all along, and why Israel had never quite converted to this religion as a whole.


*   *   *   *   *


6140 SC

(2170 AD)


For 10 years he had been now studying the ‘Revelation’ of the New Testament.  10 long years of study, and he had cringed at what he now perceived.  The angels of God had spoken to him many times, and reminded him of what he was now starting to believe.  He, David Rothchild, was the chosen one of Israel.  He was older now, yet still looked relatively young, as did a couple of hundred of close personal friends of his.  He would soon be 160, but certainly did not look it.  People in Israel knew, of course, that the messianic era had arrived and that long life was being granted to many, a phenomenon throughout earth.  And David was becoming one of the more popular of the perceived ‘elect’ of God.  Yet he now cringed as, with the angels telling him likewise, he was the messiah of God, now knowing the fate of the Messiah in the book of Revelation.  The book spoke of three key figures – the ‘Lamb of God’ who was the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, being the Messiah – and David knew this to be himself.  And then their was his older spiritual brother who the angels spoke to him of, ‘Archangel Michael’, who would be caught up to heaven in his rapture, defeat Satan, and later return at the end of the tribulation for the day of Armageddon as the ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords’.  He and Archangel Michael were these two key figures.  And, finally, Jesus.  Jesus, so David understood, would likely not appear until the end of the millennium upon Judgement Day on the Great white throne.  And then he would judge the living and the dead.


Yet for David, who knew his angelic name to be ‘Ambriel’ of the Seraphim of eternity, the fate of the Lamb of God was to be killed by the forces of darkness, and then to receive the glory before the throne of God.


So many in the church viewed this as Jesus, yet it was clearly to happen during the tribulation, and therefore David knew it to be himself.  In truth it did not seem a palatable fate.  Yet if such was the will of God, then so should such things be.


*   *   *   *   *


7000 SC

Judgement Day


Daniel Rothchild sat down with David.  They were reading through the books of Enoch.


'Today is the day.  The day of judgement.  The Day God Almighty sits on his throne of glory and judges all mankind, and those who are saved shall be saved, and those who are lost shall be lost.  And such is life,' said Daniel.


David Smiled.


And just then an old man walked in through the door, and smiled at Daniel.  'You really are a schmuck, aren't you,' said the old divine father, and disappeared out of the library door of Lake Tuggeranong, off to where he came from.


'Who the heck was that?' asked Daniel.


'God only knows,' said David.




So this is the year 7000 in the Jewish calendar.  But what about the HNF calendar?  What year is it now?'  asked David.

'Oh, the actual year? Right.  Just thinking.  Right.  It's 7404 SC in the official calendar.'

'And how old are you?'

'Very funny.  You know I don't reveal the truth on that.  But, seeing as its judgement day, I was born in the year 5732 or 5733 in the Jewish calendar, which was 1972 in the correct christian calendar.  Destiny and reality have interfered in this life we live, brother, for we are living a canon of historical truth, yet our lives were carved out beforehand by the machinations of the authors of destiny, and there are discrepancies in time, which are being resolved now.'

'Which means what?' asked David.

'That the truth is an elusive beast, and that old man was a god of sarcasm in my opinion, rocking up right on judgement day.  Saw him before, though.  4 centuries ago.  I remember now.  He dropped around.  Had a chat about the book of Enoch.  Said he would catch up with me on the Jewish date as well.  Resolve things for Enoch's sake.  I was not sure what to expect.'

'Who was he?' David asked Daniel.

'A complicated person.  Who likes to have mercy if someone will intercede.'

'Right,' said David, and looked out the library door, towards were the old man had disappeared to.


'Its all about Canan and Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, both Jewish and Noahide,' said Daniel.

'So you are my adopted brother.  But you are not as old as I thought.  Alexander must have known you for years.'

'Mmm,' said Daniel.  'I shouldn't really confuse your mind.  But it all works out in the end, brother of mine.  It all works out in the end.

'Sure,' said David.  'I'll bet.'



'So I wasn't born in 1980?  I always puzzled.  I saw the common era calendar.  It actually is the Christian date as well.'

'Which means you were born in 5980 SC in the Jewish calen'dar, or 2230 CE-AD.'

'Yes, that is the correct date,' said David.

'Its the mystery of mercy and Pseudepigrapha, which is not infallible historry, but a vision of what might be, a mishmash of the divine portents of possibilities, fulfilled in happy ways which suit God Almighty's personal desires.'

'I'm sure you are right,' said David, and returned his attention to the book of Enoch's.'




'So what is Pseudepigrapha?'  Gemma Watkins asked David.

'The melting pot of Divine possibility,' responded the descendant of Zerubbabel, David Rothchild, a man of destined glories.




'So, tell me about your life,' Gemma asked Daniel Rothchild Daly


'Well, I was born in 1972 in Kingston upon Hull in England.  Mum was Mary Daly and dad was Cyril Daly.  I have an older brother called Matthew and an older sister called Brigid, and a younger brother called Gregory and a younger sister called Jacinta.  But I was raised in Australia, living in Berridale first, and then Cooma and then Canberra.  We came to Canberra in late 1989 I recall from memory, or possibly early 1990.  I studied at Lake Tuggeranong college, and then gained an Associate Diploma of Business in Office Administration from the Canberra Institute of Technology.  At CIT I met Ariel Cheng, Lee Chiu, Nary Ly and some other girls who were good friends.  I also met Tammy Saunders, who brought me along to Potters House Christian Church.  I had been raised a Roman Catholic, but left the church at 16.  I struggled on faith for a while, trying to understand wether there was a God or not, but came back to faith through the arguement from  design.  Back in Cooma there were some good years towards the end, even though I was a bit of a bandit.  Damien Asanovsci and Peter Dradrach were great friend, and we had a cool gang who played games at the arcade parlour, and played indoor cricket together.  In 1995 when I joined Potters House I had just begun my schizophrenic phase.  It was a wild year, and then I joined the United Pentecostal Church and met Paul Saberton.  But in 1999 I became a Noahide and became a Karaite Noahide quite quickly, upon reviewing the faith.  And then I pushed Karaite Noahide slowly for years, mainly interesting Aaron Goodsell.  In 2012 there was a lot of fuss about the End of the World based on the Egyptian and Mayan calendars ending, but nothing happened.  Yet I came to understand the end of the eras, the restoration of Israel as the redemption after the fulfilment of Psalm 89, and the acceptability of long life, as one of the elect as Isaiah taught, with the redemption of the Kingdom.  I had prayed for the tree of life, and God granted me to this.  I began, in 2000, writing the book 'Morning Stars', and that has been a divine influence on my life and truths ever since.  And they are my angel books, the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny.  Later on I met the Rotchilds and became friendly with them.  And David was born, and I was sort of his brother, because I lived with Alexander and Rose, as a sort of adopted son, but never really.  It was just something we let David believe.  Didn't see a need to change from that idea.'

'What idea?'  Gemma asked him.


'Destiny,' said Daniel.  'But don't you mix a cup for destiny, mind you, which is really about boasting of tomorrow and what one will achieve, as I understand it.  Destiny,for me, is linked to prophecy, and not any strange idolatries.'


'Want to tell me some tales about your youth?'  Gemma asked him.


'Perhaps some time,' said Daniel, whose eyes misted over.'




Morgan Bradlock sat down next to his brother Damien.  'Well, brother.  Your dastardly plots proceedeth.'

'Shut up Morgan,' said the Devil.

Morgan, the Seraphim angel Sariel from the realm of eternity took the rebuke on the chin.  What else could you do with a brother like Damien.

'You know, Damien.  Father John has always tried to remind you that, despite the family's zeal towards success and wealth, we are not the most evil people in the world.  We do claim to have a conscience.'

'Concsciences are for losers,' said Damien, and puffed on his cigar, ignoring Morgan's oft claimed tirade against him of so called moral values.

'As an Anglican you really should know better, brother.'

'Screw the church,' said Damien.  'I have my own agenda.'

'Your heart is far from God,' said Morgan.  'I shall continue to pray for you.'

'You do that,' said Damien, not looking up from his laptop.


Morgan looked at Damien, typing away, pursuing his agenda, his devilish agenda, and sighed.  What could you do.  The man had no scruples.  No morals, either, apart from a surge of decency in his innocent youth.


Later that week Morgan was talking with his father John Bradlock.

'Are we no longer really Christian, father?'

'For fuck's sake, son.  We were only ever lukewarm at best.'

'Yet we are granted like those other ones with such an incredibly long life.  Can it not be but the divine who grants this to us?'

'Sure.  Probably,' said John.  'I lost my respect for God years ago.'

'But I haven't,' said Morgan.  'He is our heavenly father.  Our God.  The family's God.  Our reputation is a beast, these days, the Bradlocks.  In bed with the Darvanius's, the power of the Illuminati, which doesn't even serve God like it did in the ancient days.  I fear we serve evil, now, as they all claim.  The devil himself is a Bradlock, I fear.'

'Amen,' said John sarcastically, and dismissed his son.


Morgan returned to Cottingham, away from the office in Hull were John worked, and sat with his wife.  Gerladine.  She was quite famous, a pop singer in a British Band of world renown, and Morgan's delight every day.

'Geri.  I must do it.  I must renounce my family name.  I can no longer choose this, this Bradlock clan, to ascribe my life to.  They are corrupt, and a practicing Catholic like yourself can only mock their supposed Anglican faith, I fear.'

'A new identity?' asked Geraldine.

'Yes.  I have chosen a name.  The Grant family, after Amy Grant, the singer.  She inspires me often.  I don't really want to be called Morgan anymore as well.  Do you have a suggestion for a new name?'

'Mmm,' thought Geri.  'How about Hugh?'

'Hugh Grant?' said Morgan Bradlock.  'Why yes.  I like the sound of that.  Sounds like a writer.  Or an actors name, or something like that.'

'Then Hugh Grant it is,' said Geri Halliwell, and returned to her magazine.




The old father sat with Morgan.  'It is your judgement I am here to speak to you of.'

'Oh,' said Sariel the Seraphim.

'You are a chosen vessel to suffer my indignation at the Empire of Glory,' said the old father.

'Oh,' said Sariel the Seraphim.

'So you will confess, in time, the sins of your Empire, and I will forgive you then.

'Oh,' said Morgan Bradlock, and started crying in his heart about old glories of vanity, perpetuating a program which was not necessarily that holy in the first place.



He cheered up later that day, put on an old Spice Girls video, and sat there, reminiscing, thinking about his Britishness, his way of life, and how they had affected others in their pride.  And he knew he would atone, and worship God in his heart, and love the Lord with all his strength, and study the damned Torah, as the man had requested, until he could study it no longer.


And he would be forgiven.




Madalene sat with Lucy.  'How's Jenny?'

'She's good,' said Lucy.  'She's really enjoying her work with Shelandragh down in Nimmitabel.  The store they have.'

'The gift shop,' said Madalene.'

'Indeed.  They have a one century plan for the store up and running.  And the town is booming these days.'

'And her witchcraft?  She has still put that on hold for now?'

'Convictions.  David spoke with her recently.  Said he was impressed with her softness towards God, and her respect for him.  Gave her some advice how to handle those witches she got caught up with.  The Black witches.  Mandy always said she was in over her head.  Playing with fire.  Too much for young Jenny Smith.'

'She pulled through, though,' said Madalene.  'You have to give her credit for that.  The temptations of darkness did not conquer her either.  Just like her mother.'

'Damien Bradlock is a devious fellow,' said Lucy.  'And his cronies have no limit in their insidious methodologies.  But a day of judgement is coming, Madalene Bridges, and he will be repaid back for the evil he has done.  As well as that bloody Lucifer Darvanius.'

'I thought you liked him, now.  You say that these days.  Say he's cute and stuff.'

'Shut up,' said Lucy, glaring at her.  'I do not say that.'

'Oh, I listen,' said Madalene.  'You like him.  His gruff ways.  His devilish personality.  His, how can I say it, good looks and exceeding charm when he wants to turn it on.'

'The bastard raped me,' said Lucy.

'Which you forgave him for.  Besides, it never turned out for evil.  He even said sorry, didn't he?  You told me that, once.  A few years back.  He took you up to Perisher, and you had a weekend together, and he said that one day, in the dim and distant future, he would be over it.  Not a bad boy for all eternity.'

Lucy looked at her, and her heart softened.


She got up, walked into the other room, leaving Madalene to drink her tea, and in the back room of her Mittagong Road house, next to the pool, in Central Cooma, she pulled out the love letter from Lucifer that he had mailed her, and read it again.  It was gruff, and his bestial ways were unmistakeable, but he did say he loved her, and that he was sorry.


And she had a tear, for the devil himself, and sat there, looking out the window, thinking about love, life and the power of mercy.  Even for one as abhorrent as Lucifer Darvanius.  Even for one like him.




Callodyn Bradlock - the Angel Samael of the Realm of Infinity - sat in his comic store in New Zealand, out the back, thinking.  Thinking about life, love and other mysteries.  And the mystery of vengeance was upon his heart.


Callodyn had not taken a great deal of interest in Brax's current offers to attempt to inculcate him into the world of the Bradlock and Darvanius' empire of glory.  Empire of destruction, as Callodyn knew it to be.  Jun e Middlesworth kept him saved, somewhat, reminding him exactly what she thought of the ministrations of Alexander Darvanius II, and his wife Rachel, in her newfound Samaritan Torah faith was not that keen on him either.  Rachel was away at the moment, in Israel, with the Taheb.  She and Cindy, her best friend from the Sydney Samaritan's hostel, were always in Israel, it seemed, listening to the wisdom of the Taheb, the messianic redeemer in many people's eyes, keeping their faith in God and his torah, but worried as well.  Worried about the world.  About the world and were it was heading.


Rachel, somewhat, denied prophecy.  As a samaritan she accepted that the Chumash was the divine word of God, and that Samaritanism was the true faith of Israel, gradually working its way into the heart of mankind.  Gradually teaching others the love of God they claimed to possess.  Callodyn admired her for her faith, and while they had started out together as Anglican in marriage, that was the past.  He himself had only faith in God, and Torah and religion was not that big a deal, but he did not kid himself either.  He knew the bible intimately, to be aware of God's plans for the future, and he knew instinctively that all the religious writings of prophetical nature in the canons of scripture, apocrypha and pseudepigrapha, would be coming to play in the machinations and plans of his Almighty father.  And he also knew that Logos would soon be responded too, by God, and that the man from Nazareth would have his day of judgement.


And that he knew to be the absolute truth.


The man from Nazareth would have his day of judgement.




Daniel and David were out on the streets of Canberra, working on Haven Outreach.  The Rothchild brothers were committed hearts towards people.  Commited in showing them God's love.  Commited in showing them God's grace.  Commited in showing them God's mercy.


Really, Canberra was an incredibly wealthy city, these days, with abundancy of resources and food and all sorts of good things.  But people, still, inevitably, fell through the cracks of society.  And it was no longer, really, just those who could just get by in life because Centrelink was very generous these days, and Government housing and support was first class in Canberra especially.  But there were those cases, those who had rejected life in some ways, dark souls, lost souls, who sat under bridges at night, heads full of demon's, voices telling them they were damned and all sorts of torments, that Daniel and David reached out to and taught them there was hope - there was love - there was a God.


They had done this work for a long time now, and David loved the lost, but loved his brother tremendously, for he did not have David's heart in many ways, of love for those who were in the shadows, but he did have solid commitment.  Daniel cared.  He did not have deep emotions for the lost, and could be sarcastic about life and just as right wing saying 'they should get a bloody job,' but David saw the mercy there also.  He came out with David, and they talked to people about God and his love, and they fed them sometimes when it was needed, and Daniel spoke with calm words of experience on witnessing, and spoke with wisdom and true concern for their souls.  And Daniel had a vision that these souls would work it out in time, and they just needed to be reminded that the good guys still won in the end.


And that was love to David, and the mercy of God, and showed a soul which had proper concern for all of God's creatures.




Morgan was reading Torah, as it was called.  Late yesterday the certificate had arrived in the mail, and now he was technically known as Hugh Grant.  It had been a big decision, to actually go through with it and disown his family, but he felt the better for it.  A new lease of life was upon him, for it was as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders, and he was no longer the person he was.  Born anew, in a way.  And then he had found a copy of the Samaritan Torah in English, which had been given him once at a stay in the Samaritan's hostel, up in the attic when rooting around, and he had brought it down, opened it up.


The commentary at the beginning of the book talked of Genesis 1 - 11:9, which was called by the Taheb 'The Rainbow Tor  ah', and was apparently the doctrinal responsibilities of all mankind, not just the seed of Abraham.  And, because of that, and his new lease of life on spirituality, he had read the text 3 times now, and was starting to become familiar with it.  The central doctrinal name for this belief was Noahidism.  It was also taught in Orthodox Judaism, which preached the 7 laws of Noah from the Talmud, yet the Taheb maintained the scriptures alone were the more accurate and truthful understanding of the original Noahide faith.  And so, because of that, and the interest he now had in spirituality, he decided within himself that he may as well follow the original traditional approach, if this thing was going to be his religion, and become a Samaritan Noahide, as they were called.  Yet, since his coming into the faith he had read about a certain Haven Noahide Fellowship which was supposedly a Karaite Noahide assembly, which was based on the entire Old Testament, as he knew it, and that seemed like something to consider also.  There was a brief discussion in his Samaritan Bible about their perspective on the rest of the Bible, and they seemed to indicate that it was not divinely sanctioned, a compelling idea to Morgan.  The truth of the issue, though, could be a long and complex thing to get to and, while he was so far comfortable with looking into the Samaritan Noahide community as a potential thing to now place his faith in, perhaps the Karaite Noahide community had something to offer him also.


He sat there, finished off the Rainbow Torah again, and went off to get something to eat.


Geri was in the kitchen.

'I've read it again,' he said.

'The bible?' she asked.

'Yes.  I have found my new faith.  Noahide faith.'

'You said that,' she said.  'What's the big deal about Noah?  He didn't die on a cross.'

'No.  But he built an ark.  And that rebirthed humanity.'

'True,' she responded.  'An interesting enough point I suppose.'


'Why do you want to leave Christianity?' she asked him.

'I don't.  I mean, no, I'm a Christian.  An Anglican.'

'Then what gives?' she asked him.

'I can be both,' he said defensively.  'I'm still descended from Noah as well.  Its the family faith.'

'But you rejected your family,' she commented.

'Only the immediate generations.  Going back grandfather and the rest of the clan are still my family.  And I haven't rejected my family completely.  They are my blood.  I just need a new start, a new name, to get away from some of the negativities John and Damien are involved with.'

'Right,' she said.  'So that means a new religion as well, does it?'

'I guess it does,' he said, and left it at that.  'Have you prepared anything?'

'Pizza in the fridge.  Its a little cold now, but you have been busy.'


He went to the fridge, took out the pizza and some orange juice, and returned to his study.  He looked at the Torah, and thinking over the Karaite issue, went to his computer, tapped onto the internet, and returned to the Website he had found.  And going to another link to a myspace page, he found, of all things, the Rainbow Torah also, presented within Karaite faith.

'How ironic,' he thought to himself.  'Perhaps they are linked in some way.'


*   *   *   *   *


'There was this time,' said Daniel, talking with Gemma, 'when I was young and innocent.  Still a Pentecostal Christian.  I had loved Bon Jovi as a kid, and Slippery When Wet had been a favourite album of mine.  I even saw them live in Sydney in 1989.  Anyway, I was still a Christian, and had left the UPC and was attending the Baptist Church, but with interest in starting a new church with Paul Saberton.  Yet, in January 1999 I had revelation from God that Jesus wasn't God.  I was still a virgin then.  But the night after leaving Christian faith, I assumed it was the Torah faith, and I checked Leviticus 18 or 20, perhaps both, and seeing no law against fornication, I decided to visit a lady of the night.'

'A lady of the night?' queried Gemma.

'A prostitute,' said Daniel.  'Anyway I was living in Hughes at the time, and that night I walked down to Woden, withdrew funds, and taxied it to Fyshwick.  Funnily, the radio was on, almost definitely 104.7, and 'You give love a bad name' by Bon Jovi came on as we neared Fyshwick.  It was pretty intense.'

'What happened?' asked Gemma.

'Well, I found a place.  Exotic studios.  Went in, was offered some choices, chose a girl called Amber, who was from Cooma ironically, and lost my innocence.'

'You naughty boy,' said Gemma.

'Yes,' he said smiling. 'A bad name indeed.'


*   *   *   *   *


'Not the bloody book of Daniel,' said Geri.  'The Watchtower never stopped hassling me on that monstrosity.'

'What is wrong with the Book of Daniel?' Hugh asked his wife.

'It is insane.  4 beasts my butt.'

'Haven has an intersting doctrine on it,  Says it is currently being fulfilled.'

'Every wacky eschatologist says that,' she cynically replied.

'Eschatologist?' he queried.

'Doomsayers,' she responded.

'Mmm.  Fair enough.  Still I find it fascinating.'

'So do all the wackos.  And they hide from the world because of it.'

'What do you mean?' he asked.

'The cults.  Communes were they are the saved ones, and the Devil rules Babylon.'

'Yes, Daniel was in Babylon,' he said, looking at the bible.

'Exactly,' she finished.


*   *   *   *   *


'There was this other time,' began Daniel, to an attentive Gemma.  'I was living in Cooma in 2007 or 2009 - I rented a flat twice in differing years, funnily one right next door to the other one in 2009, and I had a mild psychotic attack one night, went off wandering all the way up Cooma North, up Mittagong Road, half way to the Murrumbidgee.  I had done this a bit in my wanderings when I had been psychotic.  But I got to a place on the Road, ready to go on forever, and be a hermit in the countryside practically, to escape Babylon I suppose, and, even despite this being a common part of my psychosis, I seemed to reach a rationale decision for once.  I seemed to come to myself for once, and realize I had a good life, was supported, had a place to live, and was being paranoid.  And retracing those steps, getting some water at the Lutheran/Presbyterian church near the watertank, and then getting home, and eating something possibly, I felt so much better.  And, in a way, I conquered a lot of my madness then.  I put to death a bit more of my stupid Daniel against the World mentalities and grew up, perhaps.  It was like a drug, that book of Revelation.  Like an intoxicating wine, the drunk whore in some ways, to me, being the book itself, and when that madness started finally diminishing, and as I grew firmer in Karaite Noahide faith, my schizophrenia and its conditions started easing.  I had been pumped up in my few years in Pentecost, but Noahide faith brought me back to sanity gradually.  It grounded me on the truth, and the only puzzles then were Karaite eschatology of the Tanakh.  Yet that was able to be approached more rationally and logically.  I was calmer about it, and didn't seem as erratic, to myself anyway, as I once was.  Pentecost was like that in those days - pumped up.  They were mad on the book of revelation, and it wasn't right.  It wasn't good for the church as a whole, and it was not kindhearted towards the Catholics or the other older churches.  And it just wasn't right.  I was young, I suppose.  New to faith in God and impressionable, with a thirst for understanding the future and last things.  I grounded in time, and while the book,now, is still a source of fascination, I mainly view it as something of a fantasy book for adults.  Like Christianity.  Not really the truth, in the end.  Not really the truth.'

'And that is what David says as well,' replied Gemma.  'That Judaism is the true religion.  Its what I hold to, you know.  The Jewish faith, now.  I'm not a convert, and I know what you are saying about Noahide faith, and I suppose, technically, that is what I am.  But I uphold the morals of the Jewish people.'

'Sensible,' said Daniel.  'Sabbath?'

'Not strictly.  But sometimes.'


'Uh, no.  Mostly, but I do eat bacon a lot.'

'Right,' he said nodding.  'Well that is very close to Noahidism, if you must know.'

'Really,' she said.

'We try to get it right as well, Gemma.  We are about serving God just as much as Jewish people.  We have an older covenantal basis, and it is not the same exactly.  But the morals are very similar in many ways.'

'Mm.  Ok,' she said, and looked at him curiously, but left it at that.


*   *   *   *   *


'Cally?  Why are you studying these military magazines?'  asked a concerned Rachel Bradlock.  'What.  Are you going to join the army or something?'

'Never mind about that,' said Callodyn Bradlock.

'If you say so,'she replied, and let the issue drop.


'He was here again.  Brax.  Wants me connected.  Practically insists upon it now.'

'There empire is growing.  What do you expect,' she responded.

'I expect him to get the point.  I am not interested in serving the ego of Damien Bradlock.'

'You like Alexander, though.'

'Yes.  He is quite intense.  A different kind of truth, though.'

'What do you mean by that?' she asked him.

'His spirit.  A Different reality to what I am accustomed to.'

'Different to heaven?' she asked.

'A different kind of heaven.  I think, now, I understand what place he comes from.  It is a place we knew not.  Yet I suspect Logos may have.'

'Jesus, you mean,' she responded.

He looked at her.  'And that might explain it. Like Matthew, Mark and Luke.'

'And then Logos,' she said.  'The Word.'

He looked at her and a cog ticked in his mind, and Samael started pondering just what eternity might have all been about.


*   *   *   *   *


'But you, 'my child, shall be judged most strictly of all.  For your sin is great, and Daniel and Valandriel are soft of heart, and Sariel has shown himself a man.


Alexander Darvanius nodded to the old man.


The crosses people bore, he thought to himself.  The crosses people bore.


*   *   *   *   *


'Judgement Day is upon us, and Judgement Day is yet to be,' said Daniel to David.

'Perhaps,' said David.  'I see your point.  Theologically.  Israel is ready, as ever.  The beast shall die.'

'I am sure Alexander will appreciate that,' said Daniel sarcastically.

'Do you have a better solution?' David asked him.

'Mmm,' said his brother.  'I am well aware of the prophecies of scripture,and I know other things in scripture as well, and falling aways and restorations, and promises and caveats and many interesting things.  And the reality of destiny and the reality of freedom of choice.'

'I know what you are saying,' said David, looking down at his Torah scroll.


'So the Judgement Day to be will be a time in which, so I feel, resolutions are made.  Fundamental resolutions.  Perhaps once and for all.'

'Perhaps once and for all indeed,' finished David, son of the Rothchild clan.


*   *   *   *   *


And the world turned.  And the world turned.  And a generation came, and a generation went.  And the Day of Judgement loomed ever closer, and the time of reckoning beckoned, and the resolutin spoken of was impending upon all the children of God, upon all the sons of men.


*   *   *   *   *


7400 SC

(3430 AD)


For over 1,000 years they had watched.  The elect had come together to Israel, getting to know each other, and they had watched.  Beyond the Middle East, the world alliance was strong – so strong.  The Middle East had not joined, and had been separate for now approaching a millennium.  And, because of this, there had been rumblings.  Rumblings from New York, were the United Nations was stationed, over which Alexander Darvanius II ran affairs, having become the most respected Secretary General of the United nations, and largely regarded as one of the elect of God by most people, due to his great age in actual years, yet apparent lack in physical ageing.


And also in New York, head of Alpha Gamma Delta Industries, the world’s largest business corporation, Damien Bradlock watched over his young protégé Alexander Darvanius II, instructing him constantly on the needs of the Illuminati and the business world to maintain the status quo.


And, in Iraq, Lucifer Darvanius, Alexander’s step-brother, had slowly and carefully been building his spiritual new age empire, besotted with idolatry.  For, over the millennium, Islam had crumbled through the onslaught of Damien Bradlock’s spiritual attacks, and Babylon the Great was approaching, and his goal of corrupting the world with religious hedonism.  What had infiltrated the prophet of God was idolatry and lust, through the influence of Lucifer Darvanius, turning the prophet away from God and into the long aimed goal of Damien Bradlock – the creation of the False Prophet.  For Damien Bradlock, head of the Illuminati and business empires of the world, and the one who orchestrated his political servant, Alexander Darvanius II and his religious servant, Lucifer Darvanius, was none other than that most ancient of adversaries from the Realm of Infinity, the fallen Satan of the Saruvim.


And the rumblings in New York were of one agenda, one which David Rothchild had long feared – the final conquering of the Middle East and the last of the remnants of God, that tiny despot of a nation, Israel.


Alexander saw his step-brother Lucifer’s work as the main way in which the Arabian nations would soon accept the new World Alliance.  Alexander would step in and claim the World Alliance, with its great stability, could replace the fear which had come upon the Arabian League of nations with the growing Babylonian New Age religion.  The World Alliance could offer support, so they continually maintained to their Arab friends.  And, finally, accepting their offer on the proviso of the glory – the United Nations being moved to the newly built ‘Babylon’ near Baghdad – on the first of January 3450 AD, the United Nations took up residence in Babylon, and only one final nation yet resisted the world alliance – despot Israel.


Yet for Alexander Darvanius II, the time of his glory was quickly approaching – one day, and one day soon, he would rule the entire world.


*   *   *   *   *


7400 SC

(3430 AD)


It was the morning of the 25th of December, 3430 AD, Christmas Day, in which the Angels of God spoke to David Rothchild and announced to them the identity of his last son, Daniel Rothchild – none other than Archangel Michael of the Realm of Eternity.  It was a shock to David, certainly, yet from what he was told, Daniel knew who he was and had done so for centuries.  He could only wonder the reasons for his son not sharing his identity with himself.


David contemplated the future according to the Revelation.  He felt that soon – very soon – now that the Islamic League of Nations had now joined the World Alliance, that the end was at hand.  He had noted from reports given to him often, and through his own observations on the internet, that the last age of the Church – the Laodicean Age – was underway.  Wealth, riches – every desire that the heart could possibly lust after – had been made available to the citizens of the world by the machinations of Damien Bradlock’s business Empires and the work of Alexander and Lucifer Darvanius.


What David had not known is that Alexander Darvanius II, in his heart, had offered the world glory for accepting him as its leader.  He had talked of wealth beyond measure for all, and an end to poverty and suffering.  And this Messiah which the world practically worshipped had provided all that he claimed he would provide.  Yet, for David, and many, many people in the world alliance, something was missing.  As Jesus had spoken to the last Angel – the Angel of Laodicea – you have grown rich and wealthy, yet you are poor, blind and naked.  In truth, through their lust for wealth and power, so many in the church had gone astray from their first love, and forgotten what it was to have charity and affection for other people.  It seemed the cold hard dollar ruled the hearts of many, to which David had paid close attention in his studies of the Laodicean era.


The Angel of the Laodicean age itself, the seventh angel of Logos elect Seraphim angels, was Saruviel.  This was Saruviel of the Seraphim of the Realm of Infinity.  His namesake in the Realm of Eternity was the dread dark lord Alexander Darvanius II, also known as Saruviel.  Saruviel of Infinity, bearing the name of Jason Bradlock, son of Callodyn Bradlock and Rachel Bradlock, had become the head of the Elect Church of the Living God, living in the United Kingdom in the town of Crossden in Northern Wales, were the head church was now stationed.  Jason Bradlock was Callodyn and Rachel Bradlock’s third child, after Leopold and Rebecca.  The Bradlock’s had lived in New Zealand for many years after leaving Wales, after which they had journeyed to Israel when the elect were gathered in Jerusalem.  And now the elect remained in Israel, bar Jason Bradlock whom Christ had commanded to remain in the realm of the World Alliance in Crossden, watching over the remnant of faithful Christians.


The Elect themselves were the Angels of God – the Angels chosen by God from the Realms of Infinity and Eternity.  Alongside them were a number of the 70 children of Heaven with particular special roles in the end of days.  Yet not every Angel of God had been made manifest at this time.  A number had already lived on earth, while a number were yet to be born.  Yet a key number lived in these dangerous end times – times of testing for the elect children of God.


David’s son Daniel had always been the most gentle of children and proved the same as a man.  He was not a strong character.  In fact, in many ways, seemed quite flawed, as if he was weak in courage.  Yet he loved truly and, despite his initial financial failures in life, having been mostly watched over by his parents, Daniel had slowly been having success in business.  He had not yet married, for no woman was taken to him.  He was a little overweight, but reasonably attractive.  Yet he had the unfortunate habit of often saying the wrong thing and losing friends he had worked hard to attain because of it.  David worried about Daniel often, and prayed hard for his son.  Yet, as the centuries had passed, Daniel had made baby steps – one by one – and, today was becoming a man.  He had strength of character, now.  He’d had his trials from youth, and learned to overcome them.  The depression he’d suffered for 700 years was now essentially dead, and he had slowly been becoming alive to God.  David wondered, often, why this son of his was as he was.  And, with the revelation that he was Archangel Michael, all David could ask was ‘How?’  Yet God’s choices are not man’s choices, nor ever have been.  For the eternal father of Glory sees the heart in man, and what others would call weak, God would call strong.


Yet, the fate of Daniel Rothchild, now that David had become aware of who he was, seemed almost impossible.  For Daniel would be the one to cast Satan out of heaven.  His son, Daniel, weak of character, yet Angelic in identity, would cast the old devil from the heavenlies, if such a thing could possibly be.


As for that casting out, it was not far off.  For Damien Bradlock, having suffered horrible injuries in an automobile accident in 3437 AD, died and was taken to the heavenly realm of eternity.  And, his full memories finally being restored, Damien Bradlock – Satan himself – began his final and most viscious work of corrupting the children of God.  For the days of wrath were at hand.


*   *   *   *   *


Basically, the main problem in trying to identify the church as the eternal Kingdom of Daniel chapter 7 is that the church failed to keep the laws of God and the sacred seasons from not long after 70 AD and, in truth, Jesus did not promote these laws to the degree many law-keeping fundamentalists suggest that he did.  For so long the church had identified Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece and Rome as the four beast of chapter 7, as chapter 2 made this apparent.  Yet, ultimately, the prophecy failed on the lack of Torah observance.  And with the separation of Israel from the Church for so long, and with Israel’s fidelity, despite its persecution, to the Torah of God, it has become apparent to me, dear younger brother, that Israel is the Kingdom of Daniel chapter 7.’


David nodded.  It was a conversation they’d had a number of times, yet Daniel’s clarification of David’s own views, seemed stronger and more certain now.  It seemed, in truth, each Kingdom spoke of separate kingdoms – the Church and Israel – something which had been a reality for, now, over 3,000 years.


Yet, it would seem, continued Daniel, that my nephew, whom we know is Archangel Michael, will one day defeat Satan and come forth from heaven as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and defeat the beast.  And then, in his kingdom, will rule all nations with a rod of Iron – the rod of Torah law.  For you are mercy, younger brother, the Lamb of God.  Yet he is judgement, the wrath of God.  God’s mercy, the Lord of Lord’s and King of Kings & God’s judgement, the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s.’

Poetically put, dear Daniel.’

I thought so.’


Chapter Three


7480 SC

(3510 AD)


Over 70 years of work was starting to pay dividends for Satan – big dividends indeed.  God had granted him access to both the Realms of Infinity and Eternity, as well as the Realm of Heaven, were a small number of the children of heaven watched him nervously when he came around, usually asking him to depart.  He looked at Adam and Eve often when he was their, noting their grins.  They knew things he did not know.  They knew of fates and destinies and things of life he yet did not understand.  And he remembered the garden, and his own temptations towards them, and how they had succumbed.  Yet, now, he did not think they would be so easily fooled again.  He was not so naïve as to imagine that.


Yet many did follow – many did listen – and he knew, with work, he would achieve success.  Yet one thing did bother him – one thing some occasionally hinted at.  To do with the bothersome Christian prophecies.  Satan had never bothered with prophecy, hating and despising the words of God.  Yet Alexander had spoken to him occasionally on the subject of biblical prophecy, and condemned the book as a work of Christian heresy, not representing the original Christian faith.  And that was as much as Satan had ever known of the revelation and the fates presented therein.  Yet, occasionally, those who he was attempting to lead astray, would make subtle comments regarding himself and the book, yet say nothing more.  Like himself, though, those who had been managing to lead astray had little interest in such a prophecy – they knew Jesus from the early days he had spoken to them in the realm of eternity.  Yet Jesus never spoke of Revelation to anyone, apart from his closest of followers.  And because of that, Satan had concerns.  Yet, whatever the book spoke of, it would not affect.  Indeed he would thwart it, if necessary, and achieve all his evil desire.


*   *   *   *   *


7490 - 7493 SC

(3520-3523 AD)

In the year 3520 AD the world Alliance was nearly ready to move in on Israel.  Alexander Darvanius II, working with his step-brother Lucifer Darvanius, knew the final victory was at hand.  Nothing would now stop him.


In Israel, David Rothchild’s son, Daniel Rothchild, had become Prime Minister of Israel.  Under his father’s guidance, Daniel spoke of the revelation’s he had been given by God and the purpose of the Christian faith in the soon approaching end of days.  Israel, now so used to Christian faith and Christians, had accepted their Prime Ministers understanding of faith.  Not everyone agreed on everything, but the doctrine of the end of days espoused by the Rothchild’s had started to become accepted by most Synagogues.  One thing all were aware of – the end was now here.  Outside of Israel, in the Christian world of the World Alliance, faith had shrunk.  The secular authorities of the world now ruled and Alexander Darvanius II, who had once followed in his father’s footsteps of forming the world ecumenical council of Christianity, had become the very thing he perhaps despised.  He had become a force of power – a force of brutal dark power, determined to rule in authority, yet lacking in love and mercy.  He ruled with power and wealth – yet it was only power and wealth and, as such, the heart was absent.  Yet Alexander did not care.  He did not care.  If this was his fate, something which he had almost accepted as the revelation taught, then so be it.  He knew he would curse God soon, and be done away with.  Yet, in truth, perhaps that is what he should do.  Could his heart, ever, possibly imagine anything else.



And then it had come to pass.  Israel had accepted the Authority of Daniel Rothchild - Michael the Archangel of the Realm of Eternity - in his position as an ambassador of Jesus the Christ.  The woman, Israel, through the unification of the 12 tribes of Israel, and through the work of the 12 Stars of Glory – the 12 firstborn Seraphim angels of the Realm of Eternity who had been made manifest in the end of days – the woman had brought forth to the nations the future Princes of the world – the Sons of God with the Rod of Iron – 480,048 of the male angels of the Realm of Eternity – approximately two thirds of the entire host of the male angels of that Realm.


And then – a rapture.  The Angelic host had been taken up to heaven, to the throne of God, to learn from the most high himself.  And, to come – the war with the old Dragon, Satan the Adversary, in the battlefields of the Heaven and the other Realms.


*   *   *   *   *


The highest of the thrones of God dwelt in Azaphon, home of the Children of Heaven.  Azaphon was known as the Realm of Heaven – or simply Heaven.  In it dwelt, usually, the 70 children of Heaven, although often the children were at their duties in the other 6 heavens – these heavens so much larger and greater than the first heaven.  Recently, the Children of Heaven had been visited for the very first time by Jesus Christ – Logos of the below Realm of Infinity.  For the children, being the ones who had composed the contents of the book of Revelation and sent through the Angel Davriel to reveal its contents to the Apostle John.  Jesus had now finally worked out, so he felt, were Heaven was perhaps supposed to be.  For so long the Revelation had confused him, he himself questioning wether it was of God or not.  And then, knowing that the Eternal Realm dwelt below his home of Infinity, he had questioned just what lay above.


And so he had, for want of a better word, ascended, flying upwards for many hours – 7 in total – before coming to a jut of rock.  And then he had known, like the rock beneath Infinity, that something lay above.  He had flown upwards then, carefully heading straight up, and after 3 more hours had come to Azaphon – Heaven.


Adam had greeted him, when he landed at the edge of the city.  And he had been quite casual, as the children of God in fact were by nature, simply saying ‘Hi Jesus’.  They had talked – the two of them for some time – and Logos had met the child of God, 21st of the Children, Jesus, the one who had largely composed the Revelation.  Logos found it quite ironic that he was not, in fact, the first major Jesus of history.


Adam and Jesus had explained to Logos that Heaven was to be the battleground for his forces and Satan’s in the upcoming war.


Logos had asked Adam and Jesus why they were so casual about the lives of countless people – did they not understand the gravity of the situation and the war with the darkness?


And then Adam had taken Logos aside and said some words – words like these.  ‘It is important to learn to laugh at ourselves.  Not take life so seriously.’


Logos of course recognized the statement immediately.  It was the principle of the Seraphim Torah of Eternity belonging to Gloryel, eighth-born of the female Seraphim of Eternity.

Since that time, the final war of Tribulation had begun.  Recently, the 480,048 of the Male Seraphim of Eternity had been taken up to heaven, ready for the teaching of Almighty God and preparing for the great war with Satan of the Saruvim.


Jesus had travelled, then, to the Realm of Eternity, taking the remainder of the host of Christian Angels of that Realm, yet leaving behind the vast other remnant behind in Eternity.  Those who had not come unto Christian faith.


Rophiel had been one of the Seraphim left behind in the Realm of Eternity, along with all his Muslim followers, whose numbers in Eternity had dwindled greatly, so many of them beset with the ways of sin and pleasure which now infected the children of Eternity.


This host of Angels – nearly one third of the Entire host of the Angels of Eternity – were the main group Satan of the Saruvim would  draw to his side in the ultimate war.  In the early years of the century he had already lead many of them astray and now, with the final temptation in heaven after the rapture, he would complete his work.


On Earth his work had been steadily progressing, satisfied that the final victory was at hand.  His servants Alexander Darvanius II and Lucifer Darvanius, in whom his spirit inhabited, accomplished his objectives without cease.  It was inevitable in the mind of the Darkest of the Lords of evil – he would be victorious over the Christ Child in his final vengeance towards he who had cast him out of his beloved home.


*   *   *   *   *

In the days before the rapture, three of Alexander Darvanius I children to his second wife, Keturah, had come into Christian faith.  Their adopted brother, Alexander Darvanius II, had been the cause of this, bringing these three brothers ‘Low’, removing them from their positions on the business council of the world alliance.  Yet the three of them had continued in their official capacity on the ruling business council of the Illuminati, which contained all 11 of Alexander Darvanius I children, those being the triplets Lucius, Lucifer and Lucas to Alexander Darvanius I first wife, and then the seven children to Keturah, named after the Archangels of God, as Alexander Darvanius I had been a fan of special Angelic writings in the property of the Vatican, and knew the exact names of the 7 archangels of God, naming his sons to Keturah after them.


And then the rapture had come, and Alexander Darvanius II had assured the world that the few million disappearances of diehard Pentecostal Christians was likely the result of renegade muslim extremists – a view generally held to, but not universally believed upon.


And then Alexander Darvanius II had acted – swiftly and strongly – promising the world its greatest moments and that the long awaited world unification with Israel was at hand.  And for 3 and a half years the world believed this.  And then, at the midpoint, the elect angels of God were raptured and war broke out in heaven.  Instantly Satan called to his side all who had sworn oaths of allegiance to himself, and one third of the host of heaven, alongside 4 of the 12 stars of Glory - Saruviel, Bantriel, Cimbrel and Valandriel – came into allegiance with Satan, having long been tempted to join the power of darkness.


The war itself lasted about 7 Days.  And for Satan the result was disastrous.  They managed slaying a few thousand of the host of heaven, but they were completely decimated and routed, with only a handful of survivors.  And then Michael had come forth, grabbed Satan by the throat, alongside the other traitors, and cast them down to earth.


Instantly Satan, reclaiming his identity as Damien Bradlock, contacted his protégés, and the wrath of God and the trial of tribulation began for mankind, with the blowing of the trumpets and the pouring of the vials of wrath.


Damien instructed Alexander to remove Michael, Gabriel and Raphael Darvanius from the council of world business.  As Christians they were now the enemy and could not be trusted.


Michael Darvanius quickly left for Israel and took on the adopted name of Nathanael.  Before leaving, Lucifer had cursed him to his face, with his henchman had water tortured him for hours before releasing him.  And, struggling onwards, Michael had made it to Israel under the pseudonym of Nathanael Rosenberg.


*   *   *   *   *


Just prior to Alexander Darvanius II gathering his forces at Babylon, a final encounter took place.  An encounter between the witch Lucy Smith and the dark Lord Saruviel himself, an encounter witnessed by many. 


Chapter Four


7500 SC


And then the armies of the World Alliance had been gathered, and Alexander Darvanius II and Lucifer Darvanius gathered their host at Babylon and marched for Israel.  The day of reckoning was at hand.


In Israel, Nathanael Rosenberg had joined David Rothchild’s movement.  When David’s son had been raptured, David had been killed by an assassin of the darkness and been taken to heaven.  He had been presented to the throne of Almighty God, been anointed by the spirit of God, and returned to mount Zion in Jerusalem for the gathering of the saints of the nations who turned to God during the final part of the tribulation.


The Day came, as all days do, and the beast had moved in to take control of Israel.  Israel, as a people, came under the power of Alexander Darvanius II, and on the plains of Megiddo the covenant was signed, 45 days after Satan had been cast from heaven.  And the world Alliance ruled Israel for 3 and half years.


And then, the final 7 days, and Michael the Archangel came forth from heaven with the heavenly host.  And the host came to the plains of Megiddo, and the armies of the Beast came forth.  The battle lasted 7 days, and on the last day, the Armies of the Beast were finally defeated.  And, Nathanael Rosenberg, at the front of the fighting, found himself facing his brother Lucifer in the fighting.  After a while, the smoke cleared, and around Lucifer stood the elect of God.  Gabriel of eternity was present, as was Michael of eternity.  David Rothchild – Ambriel – stood a little way off.  And away from Lucifer, a number of yards away, Alexander Darvanius II stood, knowing his fate.


Jesus appeared, almost from out of nowhere, and speaking words, Gehenna appeared in front of them.  A lake burning with sulphur and brimstone began forming, pushing itself out of the earth.  It grew and grew till it was over a kilometre wide, at which point Jesus spoke again.  And then Jesus looked at Nathanael, who had Lucifer in his hands, standing on the edge of the lake.  And then Jesus spoke:


What the hell are you waiting for Nathanael?  Throw him in.  Throw the bastard in.’ Nathanael, formerly known by the name of Michael Darvanius, looked at Lucifer Darvanius his older brother cowering before him.  He looked at the figure which had caused him so much pain and harm and, almost for a second, he thought he might have hated him.  They had come from heaven, the host.  They had defeated the forces of darkness.  Lucifer Darvanius – the false prophet – was to pay.  He was to be cast into Gehenna to suffer the wrath of Almighty God for the ‘aeons of aeons’ – millions of years – as Nathanael knew oh so well.  He thought on that punishment.  He thought on what his brother Lucifer would have to go through, the torment and agony he would endure.  And right at that moment, Nathanael made a decision.  Whatever else, he would not make the killing blow.  He would leave that to the one who had judged him.  ‘I won’t, Jesus.  I won’t throw him in.’ Jesus looked at him before speaking.  ‘You soft hearted bastard, Nathanael.  You know he deserves it.  But, to hell with it.  If you won’t do it, I bloody will.’  Jesus stepped forward and grabbed Lucifer.  He took him to the edge of the Wall over the Gehenna valley, which was alive with sulphur and brimstone, and cast him in.


Lucifer fell the 20 metres and landed on the dirt.  He screamed in pain, yelling that he had broken his leg.  Jesus looked down at him, satisfied that his work was nearing completion.


Michael stepped over to the wall and looked down at Lucifer.  He knew that he could not interfere.  Logos had judged and so it must be.


Alexander Darvanius II stood at the edge of the wall, standing there, watching down on his brother, the just fallen Lucifer Darvanius, lying unconscious a few metres from him.  He looked at the Logos.  Jesus looked at him.  And then Jesus came forth, grabbed Alexander Darvanius II by his neck, and threw him into Gehenna.  And then, looking down, he knew it had come to pass.  And then the millennium began.


*   *   *   *   *


It was later on, 30 years into the millennium, that David Rothchild’s oldest brother, reached his conclusion.  He reached his conclusion, and acted.  Working with the only one he trusted on this agenda, his Canberra friend and head of Haven Noahide Fellowship, Daniel Daly, Daniel and Daniel stole into Gehenna and rescued Lucifer and Alexander from the power of the pits despair.  And then they hid them in Haven, and the redemption of two of God’s fallen children began.



*   *   *   *   *


After an Angel of God had come forth and cast Damien Bradlock into the eternal abyss, Jesus had rested from his works for a time.  The dark days of the past were over with and he assured the world that peace would now reign.  At the end, the dark one would be released again, but only as a test.  For he would surely fail.


Yet, perhaps it is true that evil never dies, for during the millennium the cult of Satan emerged over time, and when the darkest lord was released, he emerged, gathered control over his own cult, and went forth in wrath to defeat his adversaries.  For most, though, it was a non issue.  They knew those who served Satan and largely ignored them.  They left them to their fate and when the forces of evil of Damien Bradlock surrounded Jerusalem, the world was largely unconcerned resting on its faith in the prophecies of God.



8506 SC


The troops all looked on.  Damien Bradlock had been wounded and was lying in the dust, next to the pit.  He looked down into the pit, and looked over at Jesus.  ‘Not again,’ he said to himself.


Jesus, sword in hand, slowly approached.  He had made a telling blow – he had been ready.  Victory was his.  Thank God, victory was his.  All that remained was the killing blow.  To throw Damien Bradlock – the devil himself – into Gehenna for the final time.  To rid himself of his last persecutor.


The time was now.  If it had come down to what had just materialized, and Alexander Darvanius II knew the decision he had made all those years ago under the teaching of his mentors Daniel Rothchild and Daniel Daly of Haven Noahide Fellowship had to be acted upon.  And he knew what he had to do.   Stepping forward from his position in the Armies of Jesus, having been disguised as one of their officers, Alexander spoke up.  ‘Jesus.  My turn.’  Jesus looked over at Alexander, a slight grin on his face.  ‘Alexander.  Mmm.  I had wondered what had happened to you.’  ‘No swords, Yeshua.’ Said Alexander, throwing away his sword.  ‘This time, it is the old fashioned way.’  ‘As you wish,’ said Jesus, throwing away his sword.


The two children of Destiny looked at each other, and started circling.  Every onlooker was tensed.  Mary of Magdalene – the Memra of Eternity – who had come forth to look upon the fate of Satan, looked on at her husband and silently prayed to her God.  There was, within her Lord, a streak of vengeance.  He was the Lamb of God, and could be ever so gentle.  But he was also a Lion from the tribe of Judah – and when his wrath arose – and when the pride of his heritage spoke – he was the most fearsome of opponents.  She silently pitied Alexander.  He, like Damien Bradlock, would most likely now also be cast into Gehenna.  That much seemed inevitable.


Alexander moved in.  ‘Strike hard,’ he thought to himself.  Approaching, he knew Jesus was ready, but knew of the most basic of tactics which should work – a simple grapple with a number of quick punches.  He tackled Jesus, who wriggled, but he managed a couple of blows to his side, and one to his head.  Jesus likewise managed a blow to Alexander’s head, before the two separated.


They circled again.  ‘That had been alright,’ Alexander thought to himself.  He had received a blow, but had perhaps had done more damage.  And his opponent would have likely been still a little tired from his encounter with Damien.


Jesus looked at Alexander and grinned a little.  They were both about the same in stature, but he felt that perhaps, just perhaps, he would have the greater endurance.  That he would outlast his opponent.  Given that as a factor, he decided to repay Alexander and follow his own tactic.  He moved in, grabbed his opponent, and punched about three times to his side.  Alexander managed a minor blow before the two separated.


Getting to their feets, each of them was starting to breathe a little heavily.  Jesus thought on one of his most basic but devastating attacks– full on hardcore.  He strode forward and grabbed Alexander by the collar and belted him three times right in the face.  Alexander pulled away, and clutched his nose.  Blood was starting to pour.  Jesus looked on, satisfied that he was now in the lead.  They circled once more, and Jesus moved in again, repeating the dose.  He managed four blows, before Alexander managed to scramble away.  Alexander stood a number of paces, clutching his nose.  The blood was dripping profusely.  Alexander rolled his eyes, belying his pain.  Jesus knew he had him.


The Logos moved in.  He would make these blows count.  He again grabbed Alexander by the collar and was about to make his blows, when, suddenly, ever so quickly, Alexander snapped out of his grip, side-stepped Jesus, and grabbed his collar.  One, two, three.  Three flashes of lightning right into Jesus face.


Jesus stumbled back, dazed a little.  Alexander looked on, grinning a little.  Jesus wiped his nose which had started to bleed.  He looked at his opponent, and spoke three brutal words.  ‘Watch it!  Lad!’  Alexander returned the slur with an ever so polite, but oh so sadistic grin.  ‘Heh, heh, heh,’ replied the now confident Alexander.


*   *   *   *   *


The Father of Glory, in the way that he does, smiled.  The conflict had reached what he had decided was a suitable conclusion.  Both had made telling blows, but both had their pride intact.  He spoke to Gabriel one word.  ‘Now.’


Gabriel stepped forward.  ‘Enough!’, his voice resolute.  Jesus and Alexander looked at each other, and looked at Gabriel.  Gabriel continued, ‘Father has spoken.  This conflict ends – now.  He is satisfied with the way events have transpired this day.  The conflict is over.  From this point on, diplomacy, and only diplomacy, will have the rule of law.  So stand back, both of you.  That is an order.  And the host of heaven will ensure that you comply with that order.’


Alexander looked at Gabriel and then at his opponent.  ‘Perhaps that would be the wise thing to do,’ he thought to himself.  ‘Perhaps, for once, he would listen to this Archangel.’


Jesus looked at Gabriel and nodded.  As his father saw fit, so would he obey, as he eternally would do so.


Gabriel looked at both of them, and saw the conformity with his words on their faces.  He thought then to himself that his Father was wise in his timing.  The conflict had reached a suitable culmination.  And now, in a sense, the real work began.  The work of peace which they all sought – all of them, each in their own way.


*   *   *    *   *


The blow was sudden.  The cut to the neck swift and sure.  He had not detected him.  He had forgotten him totally.  Seemingly deemed irrelevant and harmless.  Yet when Samael had cut off Jesus’ head, his vengeance had been complete.  And satisfaction – a grim and quiet satisfaction – returned.


*   *   *   *   *


You dickhead.’  Logos looked at Michael, Seraphim of Infinity.  He looked at him, and did not try to respond.  He looked at him, and got the point.  He finally, after countless millennia of ultimate arrogance, got the fucking point.  ‘Yeh, well, Jesus.  You deserved it.  Who the fuck do you think you are?  God?  Huh? Huh? Huh?’ he said, shoving his arrogant older brother.  The lamb conceded then.  He conceded that, yes, he had been a dickhead.  A complete and utter fucking dickhead.  And the dickhead that he was had never seen it coming.  The son of the Almighty God had never seen it coming.  So he sat there, in his cell in the golden city, housing a toilet, a pump with water, 7 months supply of food, his brother Michael, and fuck all else.  He looked up at his father in heaven, and got the point.  He got the fucking point.


*   *   *   *   *


And, as things come to an end, and new beginnings take place, the resurrection came to be.  The millennium ended, in the most unexpected way.  A way which, perhaps, answered questions for so many people about the true nature of their God and Father.


While Jesus spent his 7 months in his cell in the Golden city, Archangel Michael of the Realm of Eternity oversaw the resurrection of mankind who had died and the angelic beings who had died and those who had lived until the end of the millennium.  The church – the New Jerusalem – Kalon the holy city, home to the ecclesia - came to rest as the new summit to Zion, spiritually located beneath Zaphon of the Realm of Eternity, the closest realm to Earth.  Thus, as had been its purpose for many millennia since its inception, becoming the main doorway through which mankind entered into the heavenly realms.


Jesus had been humbled.  The Logos – the Word of God – had been humbled by his Father, defeated at the moment of his greatest victory.  Yet, in time, he learned the lesson – the fundamental lesson on the nature of the idol – that he now knew he needed to know.


For those 7 months, Seraphim Michael of Eternity resided in Kalon.  Mankind, now with the firsthand knowledge of the reality of God’s presence amongst them, did, strangely enough, what had been hoped for by so many, and repented of much of its evil ways.  For the first time in mankind’s history, on a global scale, knowledge of the spiritual realm and God’s existence seemed proven and undeniable.  While some diehards maintained an alien invasion, a not unpopular theory, the majority had generally conceded on the issue of religious truth and the existence of God.  With Kalon shining above Zion night and day, held in place, seemingly only by the power of the spirit of God, nearly every scientist had conceded that spiritual power of some sort must be at work, as no other explanation seemed plausible.  And thus, as it was written, God’s home came to be with mankind, and God himself dwelt again with the children of men.


The nations healed.  Hope became reborn.  Michael judged mankind and, as was true in the nature of his beloved son, exercised grace and mercy in harmony with the necessary rebukes when and were called for.


And people, seemingly, for the first time in oh so long, were again happy.  Joy resided in Jerusalem – old and new.  People found peace with God.  And life, for so many, found that meaning, that elusive meaning, which seemed now, what they had been searching for all along.


And life, as life does, continued on.  It charted its merry way into the unknown future.  Lives were led.  Dreams were pursued.  Hearts were broken, and healed.  And what it is all about, anyway, continued on as it steadily and eternally had done so.





It was later on, a few year later, that Jesus was sitting in Azion in his room, Samael opposite him, both of them looking down at the chess set before them, ready to continue a long postponed game.  The Apostle Paul was sitting near them, and after a while, having been reading 1 Corinthians, spoke up.


If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.  And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.  If I give away all my possessions, and if I hand over my body so that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.’


Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude.  It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth.  It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.’


Love never fails.’


But as for prophecies, they will fail………..’


Paul left off speaking then, looked at Logos and Samael briefly, and stood and left the room.


Samael and Logos continued staring at the chess set, both studying intently.  Eventually Samael spoke up.


I do remember that verse – ‘They will fail.’  I do remember that.’


Logos looked at the chess set for a while, and then finally looked up at Samael.  And then he grinned.


Chapter 5

8888 SC

You know, girls have got feelings too,’ said Jesus.

Saruviel was bouncing around his office in Kalphon Keep, holding his favourite skull, doing dramatic poses.

Don’t listen to him, Kryssie,’ said Alexander to the seated Krystabel on the ancient leather couch, knitting faithfully.  ‘He’s such a girl.’

Yes.  I’m a pussy,’ replied Jesus.  ‘Hah ha har.  You got me good.  The Lamb of God got his come upppance.  Very frikking funny.  You are hilarious.  ANTICHRIST!’

Woe.  Woe to men,’ said Saruviel.  ‘For the day has dawned, and the Christ child’s vindication shall verily come.  The church is hushed. Watching on in anticipation.  And behold, he has given right forth one pearler into the dreaded ecumenical, and the true elect are feeling confident.  What’s this I say?  An unknown sleeper agent’s microchip has been activated and he has stepped forwared with his wrathful saber?  My gosh.  O no!  Bubble buble, toil and trouble.  Lucy brewed up a good one, and the sword of vengeance found Macbeth’s unsheathed stupidity, and cut deep.  Deep, verily I say to you.  VERY DEEP!’

Go to hell,’ replied Jesus.

And the church it gasped.  I could hear the groans of lady Magdala.  Shocked is not a word which describes the sheer intensity of the moment.  Stunned get’s closed. Probably thunderstruck, really.  Yes, thunderstruck.  Tell me, was Michael good company for, how long was it?  Ages of ages?’

You suck,’ replied Jesus, sitting down next to Krystabel.

Woe, woe to men,’ continued Saruviel, unperturbed, carrying on his dramatic antichrist display.

*   *   *   *   *

Ambriel and Daniel were in discussion mode.

I believe in Justice,’ said Ambriel, sitting in a café in Mitraphon Keep community.

Yes.  Yes I think I would acknowledge that also,’ replied Daniel, sipping on his latte.

You know, you can’t keep a good man down,’ continued Ambriel.

They rise to what they are,’ replied Daniel.

Sometimes, I mean, you know, sometimes even the mighty need a helping hand.  Amy Grant was quite sure on that point.’

I love her,’ replied Daniel.  ‘Not many finer examples of a Christian lady than Amy.  She always inspired me.’

So what do we do when someone has been down in the dumps for a few centuries, feeling low, humiliated.  Learnt his lesson.  Over revenge, but looking up at the sky to God and saying ‘Why me?’ asked Ambriel.

Is the subject of this discourse an apparent Bethlehmite with Christ fixations?’ queried Daniel.

I would say so,’ replied Ambriel.

Ok.  I’m in then,’ replied Daniel.  ‘But nothing too heavy.  We’ve all had enough of Judgement Days.  Sure, they will come again.  They inevitably do.  So make this sweet revenge and good name of our dear brother be restored, not vindictively, but with a happy smile of vindication and the adversaries of doom getting the shit.’

We might be judged for this one day,’ replied Ambriel.

I can handle it,’ replied Daniel.

Are you sure kemosabe?’

Hey, what’s life if you can’t live a little,’ said Daniel.

Indeed,’ replied the Messiah of Israel.

*   *   *   *   *

Satan was sitting, playing his cards.  The room was thick with smoke.  Sin City.  You had to love it.  Nobody ruled the world like Damien Bradlock.  Nobody.  They left him alone now, and he was prospering, and Paramount Tower, his newfound glory, was rich with money, rich with assets and rich with power.  Nobody kicked ass like the devil.  And he ruled, and he was proud, and he knew it.  And Jesus frikcing Christ had bitten the dust, and was no God at all.  Sucked in Yeshua.  You got what was coming to you.  Fuck with the devil, Satan was confident in thinking, and you perished.  Nobody fucked someone up like Satan.  Nobody.

Samael!  What is your frikcing hand?’ asked Mr Bradlock.

Call me Callodyn,’ replied Samael.  ‘I like my human name a lot these days.  My hand is good, scumbag.  Nearly as good as those ladies up there on the balcony.’

Yep, they are sweet,’ replied Satan.  ‘They do all sorts of tricks.  What?  You tempted?  What would Rachel say, not to mention blessed Aphrayel.’

A devil will do as a devil will do,’ replied Samael.  ‘My hand is good.  Four aces.’

I didn’t see which sleeve you drew them from,’ replied Satan.  ‘But my Royal Flush does them anyway,’ replied the old dragon.

Your skills are indeed unmatchable,’ said Samael.

Killed any Christians recently asked Satan?’

Not quite my style,’ replied Samael.  ‘Still considered murder by the council and law of Infinity.  Not really sure if it is my style.’

Molested children?  Raped women?  Drugs to excess?  Come on.  You’re a frikking devil like me Sammy now.  It is how we go about things.’

True,’ replied Samael, and grinned at Satan.  But he looked at him then.  And looked at what was something which he had had fun with for a long time now.  The booze, the parties, the women.  These last few centuries he had enjoyed it all.  But he looked at him, and a little inner voice spoke to his heart.

Well, I’m out of here,’ said Samael.  ‘Places to go.  People to see.’

Sure,’ said Satan slowly.  As Samael walked away he could hear the low murmur of ‘Pussy,’ from the dark Lord’s mouth.  He wanted to turn.  He wanted to turn around, walk up to this old beast, and punch him in the frikking head.  Maybe one day he would.  Or some other brave soul.  But the voice spoke again and said ‘Let it go.’  So while he had stopped for a moment, he just took it in his stride, walked on, and made his way back to the Realm of Infinity, and the loyal and far more civilized friendship of Aphrayel, Sandalphon and his beloved Rachel Rothchild.

*   *   *   *   *

I want to tell you a story,’ said Destiny to Jesus.

I am listening mother,’ replied Jesus to Adam’s wife.

There was a son of King.  And the King had sent him on a mission, and he had fulfilled the mission had the son.  And it had cost him, and everyone of his generation eventually found out what it had cost him, on that painful day.  And he legend grew, and his mission never failed.  It never, really, failed.  And then the great day came, and another King’s son was invited to the party.  And this other King’s son served his father also.  But he had a very, very, VERY sarcastic sense of humour.  And a strange sense of justice.’

Don’t I fucking know it, pardon the French,’ replied Jesus.

One of the parties at the gala even was the subject of most of the wrath, in the end, of the first son.  But the other dark lords didn’t really approve, in the end, of the fate planned for this dark and wicked lord.  It was just a bit too extreme, child of mine.  A bit too extreme.  So the first son got a taste of the sword of the Lord, which was supposed to teach him a lesson.  There is a glimmer of light in even the darkest of souls.’

Jesus didn’t speak.

Mother,’ said Seth.  ‘Will you teach him the next part of the story?  You said you wouldn’t, but I am looking at this young Israelite, and he seems mature enough now to learn a little.’

Perhaps,’ smiled Eve, and stood, went to the cauldron, and stirred it.  She drew a bowl of broth and served it to Jesus, who started eating it.

It’s good,’ said Jesus.

It should be,’ replied Destiny.  ‘Do you want to hear the next part of the story?’

Sure.  Why not,’ replied Jesus.  ‘I can’t help but learn these days.’

In the destiny of the darkest of souls, one day, there was a maiden.  She was simple in her own way, and some liked her, but most didn’t.  It wasn’t that she was ugly, or common, really.  It was just that there was nothing particularly special about her.  Nothing really at all.  But one day, when she is about her business, she meets a man with a very grim reputation, who is hated by most, and she knew he was trouble, but she noticed a slight, very slight glimmer in him.  It was a small, tiny really, piece of humility.  And when that tiny, insignificant piece of humility looked at her, it smiled, and said to her heart ‘I don’t give a shit.  You’ll do.’

Right,’ nodded Jesus.  ‘Good broth,’ as he continued.

Anyway, getting back to the other son.  He suffered a bit of wrath from the first son’s humiliation, but was left alone for the most part.  He had his charms after all.  And when it was resolved well enough, and we had looked deeply enough into the heart of this other son we found an interesting piece of information which was largely denied as being truly valid.  He technically did serve the father who sent him.  Certainly he was arrogant.  Certainly he was a mocker, and delighted in it.  Certainly he could be a downright crude son of a gun, as bad as any a devil.  But he had his charm.  Oh, my dearest, did he have his charms.  And while all that was interesting, what caught our notice was the bit which people disregarded as valid.  That he did actually serve the father.  So it was decided we would put that service to the test and, when it came right down to it, if he was indeed such a champion of the voice of liberties he claimed, but that it was justifiable liberty which knew its limitations, as a man must surely know, would it be able to make a judgment against the first son.  So we put it to the test.’

And it fricking passed.  I get the fricking point,’ said Jesus.

Seth smiled.  ‘Good broth?’

Yep,’ smiled Jesus, returning to his meal.

Yep,’ nodded Seth.  ‘She isn’t finished.’

Jesus ate his broth and looked up at Eve.  She looked at him, almost as if deep into his soul, and reached out and touched his forehead.

We didn’t set him just one test,’ she said, and looked at Jesus, and touched his cheek, and then pinched it and said, ‘So cheer up you dimwit child of mine.  Every dog has his day.’

Right,’ said Jesus, nodding.  He looked at his meal, and shook his head.  ‘Crazy woman,’ he thought, then thought he should show some respect, and rebuked himself.  But as she returned to the cauldron, and stirred away, he looked at her, and puzzled.  Now what in heaven above was that all about?

8890 SC

'It's called the tournament of shadows,' said Jesus.

'Sounds interesting,' replied Satan.

'The winner is crowned as a glorious apostle in the Church. He is the Apostle of Shadows, learning the deep secrets which hide in God's darkness.'

'Them I know,' replied Satan. 'Sign me up.'

'Will do,' replied the Christ Child.

Jesus got off with the rest of his day, and retired to Bethlephon for the day. Peter chatted with him.

'Will this work?' Peter asked.

'You worry too much,' replied Jesus. 'Do not worry. All in God's good time.'

'Or mother Destiny's,' replied Peter.

'That too,' said Jesus. 'Now, we start the tournament of shadows in Zaphora Showground. I have arranged it to be booked 9 months from now for a solid year. One year should accomplish our purposes. It is a series of challenges and tests to bring out the best of mastering the darkness in the competition. Trials, tests and tribulations. We will put the devil through all of them, and get him duly humbled.'

'And the final result?' queried Peter.

'It is all being orchestrated. Satan's pride will push him on in the competition, and the competitors inevitably lose to him. It is quite extraordinary how he keeps on losing, you see.'

'Quite,' replied Peter.

'And at the day of triumph we hand him a New Testament, written in gold leaf, congratulate him on earning Apostleship, and commend him to the duties of eternal study of our glorious New Testament.'

'Heh heh heh. Pride will be the fall of the devil. He won't resist his macho pride to be number one,' said Peter.

'What we're counting on. We've put Revelation in extra size font as well. Just to cheer him up on rainy days.'

'You're all heart Jesus Christ,' said Peter.

'Indeed,' replied the Man from Nazareth.

* * * * *

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